Design Philosophy

Enhance Your Future Success… The goal of Pillar Design Group is to exceed your expectations by guiding you through the development of an environment that is in harmony with your needs, culture and future goals.

Design PhilosophyMission Statement:

Pillar Design Group will strengthen professional practices and individual client needs through collaborative consultation, space planning and interior design to individuals and facilities, by utilizing a holistic approach to develop harmonious environments that promote health and well-being.

Vision Statement:

We envision that all environments will be person centered, unifying safety and efficiency with aesthetically pleasant and comfortable dynamics to advance the health of all people.

Core Value:

We believe in the intrinsic value and significance of every individual to live and work with dignity in a healthy, safe and respectful environment.

Quality Designs That:

  • Fulfills your immediate desires and requirements, as well as your future goals
  • Maximizes your space creatively and efficiently
  • Facilitates a low stress environment while handling a high level of productivity
  • Examines an appropriate use of materials for performance as well as esthetics
  • Incorporates a holistic approach to design through understanding the psychological effects of line, color, texture and lighting
  • Promotes the desired visual identity and culture
  • Unites form with function

Pillar Designs

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