I have to say that working with Gen and building the new office was nothing short of a professional transformation.  I get to practice every day in a gorgeous first class facility and I feel like our care has made that leap as well.  We went from averaging 25 new patients a month to 45 a month.  My production increased 50 percent.  Five years later I continue to get raves from the patients about how beautiful and comfortable the space is.  My wife and I had a great time with Gen throughout the entire process.  Gen made what can be potentially a very frustrating experience a joy.  Pillar Design has my highest recommendation.

Dr. John Eaton
Eaton Dental

Genevieve’s designs are imaginative and innovative while still understanding the complex infrastructure of a dental office.  She has complete knowledge of office layout and flow, and incorporates all the different zones into her designs.  Gen’s eye for color palettes, textures and fabrics is exceptional, and she creates spaces using a 3-dimensional thought process.  Her designs are contemporary, elegant and cutting edge.  She was very easy to work with, listened to our particular wishes, and formulated her ideas from what we were looking for.  I never thought that a dental office could look like this.  We wanted something different, fresh and unique, and Gen delivered.  We couldn’t have asked for more.

Dr. James Eike
Smile Creations SC

Gen, I don’t know where to start.  Working with you on the Great River OMS, PC construction project was very satisfying.  Your communication and visionary style throughout the project brought a large group practice of surgeons’ ideas into a single vision from the planning process to the project’s completion.  You were able to convey the surgeons’ vision into a workable space plan that met everyone’s needs. Your knowledge of the dental environment enhanced the optimal use of space and workflow with a warm and inviting atmosphere using quality finish materials and furnishings to handle everyday patient traffic and use.  I can’t thank you enough for your vision and partnership in the Great River OMS, PC construction project.

Robin A. Zenz, CPA
Great River Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PC

Working with Gen was great. She did all the coordinating, contractors, flooring, support staff.  All we needed to do was pick out what we wanted.  Our wishes were never impossible to achieve she made it happen.  Working at a distance was no problem.  Our waiting room now is extremely warm, and cozy, at the same time, the items we picked out are not “trendy” not to go out of style in a few years.   Many patients have asked for the paint color and well as where we purchased our rug.

Candy Bradley

I have worked with Genevieve Liesemeyer on professional projects (dental offices) and personal projects.  She just recently designed my new kitchen.  Her attention to detail was what I needed.  I live in a 1928 home and the kitchen was small.  I did not have the ability to take down walls but wanted a larger space.  Gen took the space and without taking down 1 wall was able to organize it to not only appear larger but have twice the storage capacity.  Her eye for detail is what sets her apart from other designers.  She had the cabinet maker round off doors to allow the eye to move around the room.  She walked me thru every drawer and door so all of the items I needed were where I needed them.  She suggests her ideas but is always listening to your ideas.  I chose Gen because I worked with her on dental projects and was amazed at how she took a dental space and turned it in to not only a piece of art but an ergonomic work space.  I highly, highly recommend Gen for your next project.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Mary Toshner-Sykes

I used Pillar Design to remodel and update my office. I couldn’t be happier with the result! It was a challenge due to the limitations of the existing space and room configurations, but the end product greatly exceeded my expectations.

Gen was fantastic! She was professional, but warm and friendly as well. She is just a joy to work with. Her attention to the details of the project were unbelievable, as were her many creative ideas. From the lighting to color and textures of fabrics, to wall covering and furniture, she superbly blended the new with the old seamlessly.  The contractors she chose did a great job with pride in their work and the project was done on time. Gen coordinated everything and was on site regularly to make sure everything was going as planned.  Without reservation, I would recommend Gen to anyone wanting to remodel or build. In fact we are working with Gen again on our new residence.

Jim Pechloff DDS

Dear Gen,
I would be honored to write a testimonial for you. Your work in my home made a huge difference in my life. You took a home that I did not want to live in and transformed it, with ease, into one I loved. The unexpected bonus was that I also found a friend. I hope the paragraph below is ok. Please feel free to correct, modify or shorten my testimonial in any way that works best for you. If you prefer I could also hand write it in a letter.

Gen, thanks you have made my life happier in so many ways!

Although my husband and I had built and remodeled homes in the past, I never realized the value of a space planner and interior designer until I worked with Gen Liesemeyer from Pillar Design. My husband and I bought an outdated thirty year old house that had languished on the market for a year. Other designers were overwhelmed and turned down the projects that Gen confidently and creatively took on. She transformed a large dark uninviting space (one, that no one in the family would go into) into a beautiful showroom home theater. It became the center of entertaining for our family and friends. Over the years Gen continued to transform our home. Without being enlarged, a small dark master bath and bedroom became a light filled, elegant, spa-like living area. Two other cramped, dark and outdated bathrooms were redesigned into light and stunning rooms. It is hard to believe that these new areas were created from the old space. I always kept some of Gen’s business cards handy because, on more than one occasion, I was asked for her card by outside tradesmen who saw her work in my home. She is thoughtful, listens to the client, stays on budget and is a master designer. One of the greatest unbiased testimonies to Gen’s work is that when my husband and I were moving out of state we put our home on the market, during a falling economy. It sold the first day. We had two interested buyers and received full asking price.

Dick & Jackie Olds

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